Hinting Workshop FontWerk & Friends

March 3rd, 2014 § 0

FontWerk is hosting a hinting workshop in the Mediterranean. March 17 – 22, we will be taking off a week from the rainy winter weather of Germany and be hinting in Malta!

TypeCon 2013 Workshop: Hinting is the Design After the Design

May 27th, 2010 § 1

Learn from the practical experience of a full-time hinting expert to hint your own fonts effectively. You will be introduced to the main steps of a FontLab based TrueType hinting process for web fonts. We will practice the hinting process, discuss problems, and find answers to your questions.

You will find answers to these questions:

Can I do hinting myself?
What are the special options for web font hinting?
Can I produce ClearType and GreyScale hinting in one font?
Is it possible to do hinting with FontLab for Mac?
Other questions about hinting you might have

Requirements: Attendees should bring their own Windows laptop, an installed version of FontLab (for Windows), their font (TrueType outlines), and hinting related questions.